• Bridal Updo

    Bridal Updo

  • Bridal Bliss

    Bridal Bliss

  • Bride Style

    Bride Style

    Sometimes Bride's don't always have to do an updo on their special day.

  • Happy Couple

    Happy Couple

  • Simple Elegance

    Simple Elegance

  • Say I Do

    Say I Do

  • Special Moment

    Special Moment

  • Look good together!

    Look good together!

    Both bride and groom can get services

  • Let it flow!

    Let it flow!

  • Pretty Updo

    Pretty Updo

  • Finishing Touches

    Finishing Touches

  • Stairway to Bliss!

    Stairway to Bliss!

  • Simplicity


  • The whole team!

    The whole team!

    All the girls can enjoy our services!

  • Simply Beautiful

    Simply Beautiful

  • Rows of Updos

    Rows of Updos

  • Kiss


  • Enjoy the ride!

    Enjoy the ride!

  • Unique Updo

    Unique Updo

  • Elegance


    Updo's that speak for themselves!

  • Textured Style

    Textured Style

  • Gorgeous Curls

    Gorgeous Curls

  • Young blonde

    Young blonde

  • Beautiful Bangs

    Beautiful Bangs

  • Mishay Co-workers

    Mishay Co-workers

  • Hair Stylist Stations

    Hair Stylist Stations

  • Custom Pedicure Sink

    Custom Pedicure Sink

  • Mirrors, Lighting & Comfort

    Mirrors, Lighting & Comfort

  • Detail from the entrance

    Detail from the entrance

  • The Relaxing Patio

    The Relaxing Patio

    Enjoy our relaxing patio during or in-between treatments.

  • Pedicure for Two

    Pedicure for Two

    Enjoy a pedicure in our relaxing spa with a friend.

  • Salon Waiting Area

    Salon Waiting Area

  • Salon Interior

    Salon Interior

  • Clean, Simple Station

    Clean, Simple Station