Spa Services

Spa Services

Enjoy a moment of serenity in your busy day and receive a facial and/or massage that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Everyone wants to maximize their health, well-being, and beauty.  Mishay Spa offers clients the options of facials, massages, waxing, sunless tanning and make-up application to do just that.  Spend some time in our serene spa to reduce stress and relax both your mind and body.  Customize your visit to include services that meet your needs.  When you are comfortable in your skin, that confidence comes through in a natural glow.

Facials and Peels

A great facial offers many benefits including increased circulation, stimulation of the skin, cellular rejuvenation and most importantly relaxation.  Our estheticians will create a facial experience that addresses your specific skin needs.

Back Facial

Price: $70
Session Time: 45 Minutes

This de-stressing treatment is a combination of massage and a deluxe facial for the back.  Deep pore cleansing, hydrating masques and classic swedish massage will relax your muscles and refresh your skin.

Acne Treatment

Price: $70
Session Time: 60 minutes

This intense enzyme therapy will help clear congestion and includes deep pore cleansing with steam, exfoliation, effective extractions and a customized masque.

Epicurean Enzyme Peel

Price: $105 and Up
Session Time: 60 minutes

This medically- based system utilizes unique protein enzymes, leaving fresh new cells at the surface. The re-firming, hydrating and healthy effects of this facial are amazing!

Pumpkin/Lactic/Glycolic Peels

Price: $85 ($55 without facial)
Session Time: 55 Minutes (30 minutes without facial)

Working with natural acids, this treatment is a rapid exfoliation process that disintegrates the dry cells on the skin’s surface. These fruit acid peels smooth the texture of the skin, aid in helping hyper pigmentation, reducing fine lines, sun damage and refines pore appearance.


Price: $95
Session Time: 60 minutes

This treatment is used for the reduction of fine lines, acne scars, keloids, pigmentation & rough or dull skin. This treatment also stimulates the production of new skin cells and collagen. Any skin type may benefit from this procedure. A series of treatments over a period of several weeks to achieve significant textural changes is recommended.

Derma Planning

Price: $90 and Up
Session Time: 60 minutes

This resurfacing treatment covers a wide range of skin conditions. Derma Planning is a deep physical exfoliation to free the skin of dead cellular debris. Lactic or Pumpkin Glycolic acid can be applied to enhance this treatment.

Skin Renewal Facial

Price: $75
Session Time: 55 Minutes

Analyzing the skin to target the appropriate areas of concern. This facial includes cleansing, exfoliate, extractions, mask therapy, serums and moisturizer. This treatment is nourishing and stimulating to the tissue.


Massage is a healing tool that offers a multitude of benefits including increased circulation, a release of endorphins, boost in immunity, and alleviation of the growing tensions of our modern lifestyles.  Our massage therapists will help bring balance, peace and relaxation to your life.

Body Scrubs

Price: $75
Session Time: 45 Minutes

Experience soft, smooth healthy skin and much more! Feel the body beautifying extracts that promote firming, healing and slimming. Glow with the natural  ingredients that nourish and hydrate.

Mother-To-Be (Pre-Natal)

Price: $70
Session Time: 60 minutes

Relaxing upper body stress and lower back pain.

Deep Tissue

Price: $50 / $85 / $130
Session Time: 30 Minutes / 60 Minutes / 90 Minutes

A deep therapeutic massage. Especially beneficial for anyone who prefers deeper massage or wishes to target specific areas of chronic muscle tightness.


Price: $45 /$75 / $115
Session Time: 30 Minutes / 60 Minutes / 90 Minutes

Relieve tension and stress with this relaxing and nurturing massage.


Waxing is a long lasting semi-permanent method of hair removal which removes hair from the root.  Typically, new hair will not grow back for several weeks and areas that are repeatedly waxed will show signs of significantly diminished hair growth. 


Eyebrow $18-$20

Lip $12

Chin $10

Half Leg $30-$35

Full Leg $50

Full Leg with Bikini $65

Bikini $25-$35

Brazilian Bikini $35

Underarm $20

Back $30 & up

Half Arm $25

Full Arm $30